The following are updates:

Students who have not opt-in for online classes can view previous lectures on YouTube

  1. Islamic Downloads are available on this link:

  2. Read online or Download complete PDF notes and other material on

  3. A separate website has been deployed for Study Material and other notes. New link is in submenu of download on this website.

  4. New websites have been deployed.
    1. (This website will be providing many online services to students).
    2. (This is our new blog where we will be posting material and updates).
    3. (This website is for free educational material such as slides, Books & Links etc).
    4. (This was old official website currently it isn't being maintained).
    5. (Error Needs Update) (This website is being used for shortcuts to our services but is temporary we are going to make the link shorter).
    These websites will act as an backup for information and updates.

Due to Resource limitation we have removed some services and websites.

  1. Our OLD Domain has been restored.

  2. Recorded Online classes can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

  3. Our IT services are unavailable currently.

  4. Office timings:
    Winter Timing
    10:30AM to 5:00PM
    5:30PM to 7:30PM.
    Friday Morning Time 9:30AM to 12:30PM.
    College office is open

  5. Our Google Maps Listing has been fixed. Google Maps Links have been updated.

  6. If you are visiting our college follow the SOPs by the Government.

  7. COVID-19 SOPs of P.U. for Examinations. Click here to view.

  8. We have Deployed a separate website which contains all the shortcut links to all of our online services. Current Links are temporary and will be updated to permanent in the upcoming few weeks.. Click here.

  9. Students can opt-in for our email automatic notification system which will notify about all urgent matters and remind students about due dates. Guardians/parents can get their email address added here as well for reports on their children.

  10. Most updates are posted on our social media accounts. Check Below with Facebook and Twitter view.

  11. The Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot is at Harrar Noul More Wazirabad Road near Total Petrol Pump, Sialkot. Pakistan. Google Maps Link:

  12. We have added many online facilities starting session 2020.

  13. Students can also get student email accounts for free on our sub-domain provided by Microsoft or Google. These email accounts will be valid till their student status or study term in our college completes. After which the accounts will be closed as per agreement with Microsoft and Google. These accounts might be closed incase if the student is found violating or abusing the account rules or college rules.

  14. We are aware of the issue with online classes and we are working on resolving student concerns.

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LAT (Law Admission Test)

LAT is necessary for all the students who are seeking admission in Punjab University LLB 5 Years Program/Course.
For Details Download the Full Guide or View on our wordpress blog.

When LAT registration is opened by HEC on we post on our social media pages. We will also start HEC test preparation classes in Allama Iqbal Law College. You can join them by contacting College Office.

The Complete Registration process:

To View process on YouTube Click Here.

To download PDF containing procedure:
From Official HEC
server. CLICK here

To view on our website click on play button.

Or copy paste this link in Address bar of your browser.

LAW GAT (Graduation Assessment Test)

LAT GAT is not for LLB 5 Years Students.

Direct Pattern from HEC Click here to download