These are currently available downloads for students.

Download page links are given below:

  1. Prospectus PDF *Updated Formatting.

  2. PDF Containing the process for LAT Registration CLICK HERE

  3. LLB 3 Years Syllabus Download

  4. LLB 5 Years Outline & Syllabus PDF download "Click here to download Directly From PU" 2017-2019.

  5. LLB 5 Years New Outline & Syllabus revision announced in 2020 for session 2020-21 and beyond.

  6. LLB 3 Years Revised Syllabus & outline "Click here download Directly from PU"

  7. LLB 5 Years Curricular by HEC - "Click here to Download Directly from HEC"

  8. Examination form LLB 5 Years Punjab University.

  9. LLB 3 Years Regular Examination form.

  10. LLB 3 Years Late College Form.

  11. Online Admission form (Which can be filled online will be added Soon).

  12. Editable PDF online Admission form which can be filled from any PDF application and will be needed to be emailed to admission office. Click here to view or download.

  13. Simple Print Admission Form download.

  14. Download link for PDF of LLB Datesheet.

  15. To View or download result Directly from Punjab University Click Here.

  16. PU online submission portal CLICK here.

  17. PU online portal Click here.

  18. LAW-GAT Helping Guide: Click here.

  19. LAT Helping Guide: Click here

  20. LAT complete Guide with Extra Details: CLICK HERE

  21. If you want to visit the free Study Material Website Click Here


Almost all downloads are in PDF format.

You Should have PDF Reader.

To download right click and save.

*PU Download Link means to directly download it from Punjab University website. Recommended as it is updated.

** Mirror or clicking of name of form will download from our website. Which is less upto date.

Online Admission form have been removed will be added again soon.