About Us

About Us

Achievements of Allama Iqbal Law College

2. Allama Iqbal Law College is pioneer College in Higher Education in Sialkot.

3. Near about ~3000 Law Graduates passed out and working as lawyers in Sialkot, Gujranwala, Daska, Pasrur, Sambrial, Kharian, Gujrat, Narowal Hafizabad, Mandi Bahauddin.

4. Guests from legal world came in Sialkot and made a history.

5. Many Lawyers produced by our institute were selected as Judges.

6. Many Students from our institute became as prosecutors & administrative posts throughout the Country.

7. Prepared as experienced faculty who are serving the nation through teaching.

8. Land Mark & Pride for city of Sialkot.

9. Dozens deserving students passed out and became lawyers.

10. Many females completed Law education from our institute and became lawyers and as Judges throughout Pakistan.

11. Many Job Holding Bankers, Army officers, Police officers became Lawyers from our institute.

12. Many retired persons from jobs became as lawyers from this College and are serving the nation.

Message of Principal

Syed Naeem Amjad Shah. Adv. Founder

The nation can never forget the major role, played by law graduates in particular to win an independent homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. They are also proud of the job performed by them immediately after independence. At present however, there is a great need to strengthen the political and judicial set up in the country on the basis of Islamic jurisprudence. The existing education institutions are providing law education strictly according to the courses studies recommended by the various universities in the country. No doubt these institutions have rendered a great service to the nation. However, there is general feeling in the country that the graduates from Law colleges should not only have a complete comprehension of the country’s Law but they should also be well groomed to provide leadership in implementing the concept of Islamic Justice iii the country. The nation rightly expects that this implementation program should be entrusted to qualified person, who should have the zeal and zest necessary to perform this gigantic responsibility. Luckily such persons are available in our legal profession. But, there is a need that fresh Law graduates possessing the necessary qualities should continue to enter this noble profession to make a speedy progress towards this objective. Under the pressing need Al-Syed (Educational) Society was formed to promote the cause of overall education in general and the Law in particular. This is a non-profitable welfare society organization. As a first step towards its overall objectives, the society established Allama lqbal Law College in July 1990.

Syed Naeem Amjad Shah. Adv.

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Result of 2015 Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot

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